Wednesday, July 27, 2011

One Piece #633



 Oh, I guess I should say something more? Well, this chapter basically confirms how much of a dousche Hody is, and that Shirahoshi is a stronger character than I gave her credit for. I mean, sure, she's a big crybaby, but to fulfill your mother's wishes of not hating the guy who KILLED her? That's sure something heavy for a little girl to go through, and bear with it until adulthood. Hody sees that as being stupid though (which it is a little), and immediately starts brutalizing the poor girl's family as a means to prove that point. Sucks for him, because that just made her plead for Luffy's interference. OF COURSE Luffy's going to answer that cry! Not to mention that the rest of the fishmen started begging for Luffy to appear and destroy their island, just so that Hody could be stopped. How do you not answer that kind of desperation? You don't when your shounen hero! Via Megalo's (the shark's) mouth, Luffy comes jumping out and gives Hody one helluva satisfying punch. Then, simultaneously, we find out the rest of the Strawhats were busy grabbing the keys to release the royal family, getting their pirate ship there, and grabbing the piece of paper the queen had risked her life to get. Then, they epicly pose together for the first time in forever. So... FUCK YEAH.

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