Thursday, July 21, 2011

Bleach #457

Things intensify as the fight between Tsukishima and Ichigo progresses, and Ichigo once against demonstrates his lack of battle vocabulary. When in combat, there's no better way to express anger and/or hate for opponent then just repeatedly yelling their name. Well, aside from "HULK SMASH!" of course. Unfortunately, in spite of Ichigo superior experience, anger channeling, and possibly power, Tsukishima continually maintains the upper hand by hiding behind Orihime and Chad. Although they haven't been outright aggressive towards Ichigo just yet, I'm starting to find it odd that they haven't considered the possible reasons for their friend's behavior, especially after Tsukishima has attempted some killing blows. Sure, ole strawberry is out for blood, but if Tsukishima's the "friend" they remember, they should find it odd he's trying to FATALLY retaliate (for all they know). I can't just accept that fact that they're THAT stupid. Alas, so far, they apparently are.

Those two pale in comparison to Ginjou's friends/allies though. They're not even hesitating trying to kick the crap out of him. Hell, Tsukishima's lackey (I don't remember his name) is trying to outright KILL him, and was quite vocal in his attempt to do so. What does his "friends" do? Think its hunky dory and assist. WAH. My previous intrigue with this arc has died, and now I'm continuing with my opinion that it's all remarkably stupid. Hopefully, Ishida can makes things more interesting, or at least we can see some development with that mysterious shinigami. With Ginjou "bookmarked" now, Ichigo is fresh out of immediate allies. 

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