Saturday, July 23, 2011

Fairy Tail #244

So Revolver Ocelot Hades continues his assault, gun motifs and chains abound. And, of course, Wendy ends up being perfectly fine. Ha! Just like I thought! Although the reason for her being so is completely random, as Horologium pops in for another surprise save. Apparently, he's on-call for any danger Lucy AND her allies may be in. When Lucy points out she's been in frequent danger the entire arc, he merely asserts that threat of this encounter far exceeded those other moments. Doesn't make much sense since Lucy's life was in danger regardless of the severity of the situation, but then again, Horologium popping up every time she was on the ropes would've gotten stale fast. Deus ex machina aside, I've always liked this Stellar Spirit. He was never particularly special in comparison to Lucy's other spirits, and yet has frequently force-opened his gate to save her. Hell, he's probably been even more useful than Loke at this point.

Following a brief gag about Wendy being naked before quickly being clothed again, Horologium disappears, and everyone starts to get their ass kicked again. Through their beating, Fairy Tail learns the unfortunate truth that Hades was the last leader of their guild, Purehito, and had entrusted his will to Makarov. However, he states that Makarov had changed the guild, making it become something he didn't agree with. This immediately draws into question what the guild was like before, but I can't really imagine it being anything like Grimoire Heart. He also states that he inherited the first master's will too, but I don't see that either, considering Mavis was protrayed as a benevolent force who even granted Cana power to aid the guild. Although this shakes everyone up, they continue fighting, and unfortunately, continue to get beaten (Natsu in particular). However, before the killing blow can be dealt, Laxus makes his entry onto the battlefield. Hell yes!

I don't remember how many chapters ago they slapped us in the face with his eventual return, but I'm glad it wasn't just some tease that'd never happen.

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