Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Code Breaker #131

D'awwww!! Look at them cute widdle kids! Normally I try not to be too spoilerish with these pictures, since while you can opt out of reading text, you can't really NOT see a picture that's in your face. Alas, I just couldn't help myself, not with a picture this amusing. Anyway, on to my spoileriffic thoughts! So, finally, we learn about the connection Ogami and Sakura had in the past (although not much about the event that led to Sakura ripping off his freakin arm). How ironic that it was Ogami himself who taught Sakura the importance of life, as well as her deadliest attack, the glomp. Though, I wonder why she reverted back to her ignorant, child self, when confronted with her memories. I mean, if this flashback is any indication, Sakura learned the importance of life at a very early age. It's not like she learned it AFTER the possible trauma-induced amnesia. Then again, it may have simply been a defense mechanism. Plus, we wouldn't have seen this adorable flashback, or the overwhelming display of power a "rare kind" can truly pull off. I mean, holy hell, not only can they negate powers via mere proximity, but also negate LIFE? Insane.

Anyway, Sakura makes quick work of her friends by simply standing there, reverting nearly everyone to their "lost" forms instantaneously. Ogami is barely spared, as the emperor blocks most of the "attack." The Emperor then warns him not to approach her, but, being the shonen hero he is, MANS up and charges straight in. Awesomely, his allies urge him to go forward instead of telling him to play it safe, knowing that if Sakura were to badly hurt or kill any of them, she'd be the one who would hurt most. That's nakama for you! Toki even steps in at the middle of it all, and buys Ogami enough time to get close. Then, he musters up all his strength to unleash a powerful attack: A HUG! This snaps Sakura out of it, who almost immediately begins to despair over her sudden cruelty. Luckily, her friends are quick to comfort her, initially stating that she is, indeed, frightening and monstrous at full strength, but regardless of that, they'd stand beside her like she did for them. It was a great moment, and I enjoyed seeing that her friends were indeed grateful to her for reaching out to them in spite of their powers. Unfortunately, Toki doesn't get in on friendship time, as he immediately challenges Ogami after the crisis. Dun dun dun!

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