Saturday, July 30, 2011

Fairy Tail #245

Alright, a second manga chapter that makes me want to shout "FUCK YEAH!"? Yeah, it's from another series, but that's just one too many! This is supposed to be a limited reaction! Well, then again, I always feel like saying that when I'm reading Fairy Tail. It's chock full of moments that make you want to cheer and shout as the protagonists put the hurt on some villains that need a good punchin. Laxus does just that against his fight against Hades (as you can see), dealing some of the first real damage against the villain. Makes me sad that everyone else, who had amazing teamwork, couldn't even make a dent. That's OK though! Makarov was the most badass mage ever, and Hades practically curbstomped him. I totally expect him to be overwhelmingly powerful, and to give the heroes a great deal of trouble.

I did expect Laxus to last a bit longer though. He landed those amazing hits, and still ended up being defeated too. Though, instead of fighting until his strength his drained, he went for a completely different strategy after he recognizing Hades's strength. Believing the old bastard needed to be properly punished by a member of Fairy Tail, he bequeathed all his magic to Natsu via lightning. BAM, Natsu eats it and combines it with his fire for some C-C-C-COMBO MAGIC (no, that's not the real name). So here comes round 2, and hopefully Natsu will get to fulfill his desire to avenge his guildmaster and nakama. Also, FUCK YEAH.

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