Saturday, July 16, 2011

Fairy Tail #243

And thus began Revolver Ocelot's counterattack. Er, I mean Hades.

I can't be the only MGS fan who noticed the similarities right? I mean, look at that face! The hair! The wicked stache! And the eyepatch just makes me think of the Big Boss! It's only that silly beard that creates a marked difference. Well, incredible coincidence aside, this was one amazing chapter. Fairy Tail's united assault against this arc's Big Bad was incredible, showing that they haven't forgotten anything of what they learned. Not only that, but they did what very few shonen heroes do, and made a relentless assault with frequent, unspoken teamwork between allies. They even had a healer/buffer in the form of Wendy! It's like a well-coordinated MMO raid!

Unfortunately for this pure awesomeness, Hades was predictably unharmed. I mean, come on, he freakin manhandled MAKAROV. My definition of badass old man! What I didn't expect, though, was that his retaliatory strike would be something so OP. Oh, is it my turn now? Here, let me wipe you from existence. Whoa whoa, all you do is shout a word, and suddenly whoever you're looking at poofs into nothingness, like you just shot them with one of those death rays from War of the Worlds? Ridiculous!

Granted, Wendy's probably OK, given the track record of the series. At worst, it'll just probably be awhile before we see her again... maybe until the end of the arc (unless finding her becomes its own arc). I mean, we're conveniently left with the original four (Lucy, Natsu, Gray, and Erza) here, and it would create a far more dramatic effect if the healer, and also adorable child, was eliminated instead of one of the others (call it the Dende effect). In the unlikely alternative, she really could be gone. Then I would be sad, and cry. ):

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