Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Bleach #458

So, Ginjou didn't end up getting bookmarked after all! He just turned back to his, apparently, original self. WHO WAS EVIL. Oooo boy! I gotta admit, I didn't see THAT one coming. Sure, I had my suspicions about him, but after the fight with Tsukishima got under way, they were mostly gone. As it turns out, this was all one of those elaborate "Wtf-just-happened" mastermind plots that Kubo's so fond of making. I suppose that makes Tuskishima in on the whole ordeal, though I wonder if the rest of his cohorts know about it too. That would explain the nonsensical beat down Ginjou got. Speaking of nonsensical, where the hell did Chad and Inoue disappear off to again? Hopefully they saw this whole scene going down, and realize they were being stupid. Thankfully, Ishida wasn't a part of the madness, and is now Ichigo's only REAL ally in this poo storm. Unfortunately, current events played out perfectly enough for Ichigo to not know whether or not to trust him. It's too bad he didn't, since that ended up getting them both cut down. Once again, Bleach ends on the cliff hanger of absolute hopelessness. I can only guess either something drastic will happen to Ichigo, Ishida will manage to get them both out somehow, or yet another outside force jumps in to the fray.

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